Google Mobile First Indexing and Scoring of Sites with Mobile and AMP Versions


Google Mobile First Indexing and Scoring of Sites with Mobile and AMP Versions

Google's John Mueller explained how Google's Mobile First Index will index and score sites that have Desktop, Mobile and AMP versions

What Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Means For Searchers

Montana State University librarian Greg Notess discusses Google’s shift to “mobile-first” indexing in this clip from his presentation at Computers in Libraries 2018.

What You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile First Indexing | Bluedress Internet Marketing, inc.

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A Procrastinator’s Guide to: MOBILE-FIRST INDEXING

Within the next couple of months, Google will be moving the last batch of websites to mobile-first indexing. You might wonder: What took them so long? It was a bit of a segmented process, with a first large-scale rollout that took place in 2018.Following that, Google announced mobile-first indexing as the default for all new sites in 2019. And now, here we are. The home stretch.

Learn the fundamentals of mobile-first indexing, why it’s important for your website to be mobile friendly, and what you can do to prepare for Google’s final roll out of mobile-first indexing!

Read our full article on Mobile-First Indexing here:

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Google Begins Mobile-First Indexing: What Is It?

Google has started mobile-first indexing of web pages from 1 July 2019. What is mobile-first indexing and how does that change the way you access the web? We explain.

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